Please take time to read our FAQ's for your online shopping convinience.  

 How to order online?

  • Our website is built for your convenience, no need to log-in just simply click “SHOP”.
  • Our items are sorted into categories for easy shopping.
  • Click on a certain item you are interested to buy and then "add to cart".
  • Fill up necessary details needed in the form.
  • Click submit button for final order or click “continue shopping” to add more items to your cart.
  • After submitting an order, Elevate Apparel will be sending total payment cost with shipping and other details regarding your order transaction via email

 What is manual order form?

  • Our manual order form is an alternative to our online form should this be easier for you. It is made for your convenience. Just simply input correct details of your orders and click "submit".
  • After submitting an order, Elevate Apparel will be sending via email total payment cost with shipping and other details regarding your order transaction.  

 What are your modes of payment?

  • Choose the mode of payment after shopping.
  • Our modes of payments are via G-cash , Paypal, and BPI bank deposit.
  • Payment details will be emailed after online order form is submitted.
  • Meet ups will be scheduled through text or email after form is submitted. For conflict of schedules for both parties, transaction will be shift to shipping method. (shipping fee applies) 
  • Due to our limited quantity of products, we are encouraging our buyers to pay 3 days after receiving and email from Elevate Apparel. Payment not received within 3 days, the item will be sold to others.
  • After sending payment email deposit slip to

 Do you accept Paypal?

  • Yes, we do accept paypal. Please include your paypal email address in the shipping address and we will send payment request to your paypal email. (fees apply) 
  • After sending payment, notify payment at

How much is the shipping fee per transaction?

  • Shipping fees depends on the weight and the location of items to be delivered.
  • Shipping fees will be included in the email containing payment modes and transactions.
  • Free shipping is sometimes offered, follow our social media to be updated. 

How long will it take the items to ship?

  • For local transactions expect 3 business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays before it/your item/s will arrive.

 How to manage returns?

  • For returns please contact  We strongly encourage buyers to check the  size before placing an order to avoid returns.

Where is your store located?

  • We consign in the following shops, click here to view our store locations.




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